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Come the Revolution

The Town of Perfect is in for dismay! On a stormy day around the middle of May a storm blew a fancy stranger their way. With him came a sinister dark plot to wreck the “Perfect” our Town of Perfect lived in. A story about deceit and the power of suggestion, Come The Revolution is an incredible lesson in the power of light verses dark. When the people realize what the stranger is up to the skies begin to clear and push back the dark weather. A lesson for all to learn and remember! Don’t let strong words throw you Off-Center! The entire book is a poetic, visual and mentally stimulating piece of art.


How the Horse Ate the Apple

30 PAGE SPECIAL EDITION WITH TRIBUTE TO JERRY HOLMES BLOUNT!   Join Buddy and his younger equine friends on an adventure as they race to the top of the hill to see which one of them will get to eat the last shiny red apple hanging on the apple tree. Enjoy a delightful and fun rhyming experience guided with beautiful illustrations as Buddy teaches the younger horses one of life’s great lessons. Based on the poem HOW THE HORSE ATE THE APPLE, written for Jerry Holmes Blount.   Illustrations by Pedro J. Du Buf.


“The trails spiraled left and right and around, down several deep dips as the youngest wore down”


“How the Horse Ate the Apple” – A well illustrated, charming story suitable for children of all ages.


Based in Los Angeles, Charles Blount is a fitness and life coach who enjoys enhancing the lives of children through illustration and storytelling.

Charles books are dedicated to the memory of his father, Jerry Holmes Blount.


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How the Horse Ate the Apple